Documentation Types are fundamentally types of records created to work for the data that is generated within a software application. These data types might include user interfaces, comments, type definitions, technical specs, and so on. If your software application can be written, a great number of documentation types are generated by the developer. However , there are situations where application creator needs to generate some proof manually. In such a situation, this individual needs to employ one of the documents types which are based on text message files.

In the event the developer is normally using a textual content file to software documents, then he can face just a few concerns like in reverse compatibility and information corporation. The most common drawback faced by developers every time they try to develop documentation with regards to an API is in reverse compatibility. If the API was introduced two years ago, therefore surely, the API must be supported by similar program that was used to develop it. However , the invert is also the case. Hence, documents for an API need to be written as if it was designed recently instead of the a year ago.

Such paperwork can be made using software documentation tools. There are several different equipment available in the market today. Most of them are equipped for generating documentation according to the requirements of the development process. A few of these tools likewise allow for inclusion of code stubs and function prototypes inside the documentation.